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Track 2: Materials, Devices and Applications of Spintronics


Spintronics is an innovative field that takes advantage of the intrinsic spin property of electrons, rather than their charge, promising to revolutionize traditional electronic devices. Over the past decade, researchers have actively exploring spintronic materials and devices. This pursuit is driven by the demand to develop spintronic devices with ultralow power consumption, ultrahigh storage density, and remarkable stability. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in novel materials, including ferromagnetic/ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic compounds, topological quantum materials, and 2D materials. These materials not only serve as a foundation for creating a range of novel spintronic devices, such as spin-orbit torque devices, spin Hall nano-oscillators, antiferromagnetic devices, and 2D material-based devices, but also unveil various novel physical phenomena, including the spin Hall effect, inverse spin Hall effect, orbital Hall effect, inverse orbital Hall effect, and so on. Consequently, spintronic materials and devices hold the potential to transcend the limitations of Moore's Law and enable data storage and logic operations with remarkable speed, extraordinary density, and incredibly low power consumption.


Track Chairs:

    Prof. Delin Zhang, Tiangong University, China

    Prof. Xiaoguang Xu, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

    Prof. Guoqiang Yu, Institute of Physics CAS, China

Track Program Chairs:

    Assoc. Prof. Pingfan Ning, Tiangong University, China

    Assoc. Prof. Zedong Xu, Tiangong University, China

Track Technical Committee:

    Dr. Zhijia Zhang, Tiangong University, China

    Dr. Zhiyan Jia, Tiangong University, China
    Dr. Hang Li, Tiangong University, China

    Dr. Ping Wang, Tiangong University, China

    Dr. Shuai Hu, Tiangong University, China


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to


l   Spin Hall effect and orbital Hall effect

l   Spin-orbit torques

l   Orbital torques

l   Spin-Hall nano-oscillator

l   Antiferromagnetic materials and devices

l   Orbitronic materials and devices

l  Topological quantum materials and devices

l   2D materials and devices



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