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Tianjin or Jin in short, one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government in China, is located in the northeast of the North China Plain and is the closest seaport to Beijing. The city is one of the biggest industrial and port cities in China and it is also known as 'the diamond of the Bohai Gulf'. Tianjin covers an area of 11,000 square kilometers and has a population in excess of 10 million people. Historical changes in the past 600 years have made Tianjian a unique city with a mixture of ancient and modern in both Chinese and Western styles.


Visa Application


Please note that you may need a valid passport to enter CHINA. It is highly recommended that you check visa requirements either from the local consularsection of the embassy or from the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of CHINA.

Note: EEET 2018 is not authorized to assist with the VISA process beyond providing the Notification of Acceptance Letter and Invitation Letter (after registration) issued by the EEET conference group.
Should your application be denied, EEET cannot change the decision of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will EEET engage in discussion or correspondence with the MOFA or the Embassy of China on behalf of the applicant. The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual being denied.


Attractions in Tianjin


       The Tientsin Eye                        Ancient Cultural Street                 Shi Family Grand Courtyard


   Yangliuqing Folk Painting            The Drum Tower of Tianjin                 The Porcelain House


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