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Track 4: Millimeter-wave and THz Devices, Circuits, Antennas, and Systems for B5G/6G

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One of key trends and technologies for B5G/6G is going to using mm-wave new radio like 28GHz/39GHz or even THz to further improve the capability of 5G. B5G have been under progress until expected 6G launch commercially in 2030. It is expected that B5G/6G technology will makes hybrid use of the mm-wave/THz communication, sensing, RIS (reconfigurable intelligent surface) etc. into a more robust network which would be more reliable, fast, user-friendly and can support much more massive number of devices with ultra-low latency requirements. To meet these requirements of B5G/6G, big technique challenges are faced for millimeter-wave and THz Devices, Circuits, Antennas and Systems like reconfigurable capability, lower power consumption, lower fabrication cost, faster response, smaller form-factor, larger coverages, lower latency, and better reliability. This track is organized with focuses on the recent advancement in active/passive devices, designs, integrations, circuit blocks, antennas and array, sub-systems, and systems.


Track Chairs:

    Prof. Kaixue Ma, Tianjin University, China

    Prof. Zhangcheng Hao, Southeast University, China

    Prof. Wenhua Chen, Tsinghua University, China

Track Program Chairs:

    Prof. Weixiang Jiang, Southeast University, China

    Prof. Yujian Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

    Prof. Fanyi Meng, Tianjin University, China

Track Technical Committee:

    Prof. Yu Luo, Tianjin University, China
    Assoc. Prof. Feng Lin, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
    Prof. Xiang Yi, South China University of Technology, China
    Assoc. Prof. Guangyin Feng, South China University of Technology, China

    Assoc. Prof. Yongqiang Wang, Tianjin University, China

    Prof. Keping Wang, Tianjin University, China


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to


l   Mm-wave/THz active circuits, sub-systems, and systems in CMOS/SiGe/SOI/III-V technologies

l   Mm-wave/THz passive circuits including filters, couplers, etc. in different processes like PCB/LTCC

l   Mm-wave/THz antennas and arrays

l   Mm-wave/THz system integration technologies like AIP, MCM, SIP

l   Subsystems for B5G/6G applications like RIS

l   Others

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