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Track 2: Quantum Materials and Devices (CFP Download)


Quantum materials exhibit abundant physical properties because of the strong spin-orbit coupling. Quantum materials include superconductors, complex magnets, topological insulators, multiferroics, Weyl/Dirac semimetals, and 2D materials, which can be used to create many novel technologies, including high-density storage devices, magnetic field sensors, low-power memory, quantum computers, and spintronic devices. The development of quantum materials and devices bring revolutionary breakthrough in the diverse fields of science and engineering, providing a way to go beyond the classical limits to solve a number of important frontier science and technology problems. Recently, the quantum materials and effects related to spin-based devices have attracted considerable attention, such as topological insulator devices, spin-orbit torque devices, magnon devices, multiferroic devices, spin battery devices, 2D material devices, light emitting devices, and so on. Spin current originated from quantum materials can be used to carry, transport and process information to replaces charge current to reduce the Ohmic losses. Hence, the quantum materials and devices provide the potential to break through the bottleneck of "Moore's Law" and realize data storage and logic operation with ultrahigh speed, ultrahigh density and ultralow power consumption.


Track Chairs:

    Prof. Delin Zhang, Tiangong University, China

    Prof. Hua Bai, Tiangong University, China

    Prof. Hongwei Liu, Tiangong University, China

Track Program Chairs:

    Assoc. Prof. Pingfan Ning, Tiangong University, China

    Assoc. Prof. Zedong Xu, Tiangong University, China

Track Technical Committee:

    Dr. Zhijia Zhang, Tiangong University, China

    Dr. Zhiyan Jia, Tiangong University, China
    Dr. Hang Li, Tiangong University, China
    Dr. Lixuan Liu, Tiangong University, China

    Dr. Ping Wang, Tiangong University, China


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to


l   Quantum materials and effects

l   Spintronic materials and devices

l   Quantum topological materials and devices

l   Spin Hall effect and anomalous Hall effect

l   Magnon devices

l   2D quantum materials

l   Light emitting materials and devices

l   Spin battery



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